The Twelve-Fifty

the_twelve_fiftyA hip cat of a jacket tells his life story…

I used to be in what dealers called Mint Condition, my friend, made from the finest, chocolate brown suede, with a crocodile skin effect, two buttons, and measurin’ up for a snug 38″ chest. If I don’t mind sayin’ so myself, I was one good-lookin’ son of a bitch…even after all those years. You might’ve seen me and my kind on the streets in the late seventies. We always made the hippest scenes, on the backs of the hippest cats, in the hippest kind’a places. Back then it was all roll-necks and flares, Cuban-heels and disco glitz. And I rubbed shoulders with some of the finest fabrics in the world. I’m talkin’ ’bout minks and silks, cashmeres and tweeds, and all that European fashion design bullshit, and I never once looked out’a place.

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