He Who Is Drowned Is Not Troubled By The Rain

A story about Chinese Revenge…


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First Page : Since his wife’s death, Mr Han had led an orderly yet lonely existence. During the day he tended his vegetable plot, read books, and cooked simple, sustaining meals. At night, if the solitude became too oppressive, he sat in a quiet corner, hummed a soothing tune, and looked back over the joys and disappointments of his long life. In the main, he thought about the tender moments he shared with his family, and didn’t dwell on the unedifying times. Having fought in two bitter wars, Mr Han had witnessed the very worst of human nature. He’d seen friends maimed and killed. He’d been forced to do cruel, destructive things, things that leave an indelible mark on a man. When these dark recollections crept up on him, he tried to think about something else. If allowed to fester, a bad memory can poison the good ones. Read this story in full for 69p from Ether Books