A Quiet Place to Die


A grieving man is about to wake up a sleepy fishing village. A local builder is about to take one hell of a fall. Straw Dogs with British bite.

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Book review on A Quiet Place to Die;
N A Randall’s debut novella A Quiet Place To Die tells the story of Bobby Philips who has relocated to a sleepy fishing village, following a mysterious tragedy. He finds himself living a door down from Terry Lacemaker, the local builder with a lousy reputation.

Terry Lacemaker is a fully rendered character. His dialogue is written with such precision, that one gets the feeling that they have met him before. Whilst his behaviour is outrageously disrespectful, and his building practice is highly questionable, this character is written with a lightheartedness and warmth that one can’t help but enjoy. There are some fantastic moments when Lacemaker transforms his neighbour’s backyard into a ‘maintenance-free garden’ and his sexual misconduct verges on dark comedy. Bobby Philips on the other hand, with his secrets and anger management issues, is a more distant character. We are drip fed little pieces of the tragedy that has made him want to relocate, and this is a clever ploy by Randall to keep us turning those pages and wanting to find out more.

This is a fantastic book, from an author that we are going to hear more about in the coming years!